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EXCLUSIVE: Bucharest Tribunal Judge to be Persecuted or Arrested for Defying a Mob Group in the Adamescu’s Case


  • Alexander Adamescu’s Extradition: It has been confirmed that if Alexander Adamescu were to be extradited, he would never receive a fair trial in Romania.
  • Romania Liberă’s Insight: As early as April 2024, Romania Liberă predicted the formation of a mafia group aimed at undermining Romania’s independent judiciary. This includes pressuring a Bucharest Tribunal judge to transfer and arrest him or compromise his decision in Alexander Adamescu’s case.
  • Investigative Journalism: Romania Liberă replaced the phrase “Follow the Money” with “Who benefits from this” to expose the perpetrators attacking the judiciary’s independence.
  • Supreme Council of Magistracy’s Silence: Despite immense pressure on the Bucharest Tribunal judge to deliver a verdict favourable to the mafia group, the Supreme Council of Magistracy has not defended the judge.
  • Presumption of Innocence Violated: A DNA member within the mafia group has breached legal protocols by sharing non-public information, specifically the criminal investigation order issues by the prosecutor Iorga Moraru.

As predicted by Romania Liberă, the judge who resisted the true corrupt forces manipulating the Romanian judiciary is now the target of a campaign orchestrated by those who killed Dan Adamescu to seize his wealth. These individuals are linked to the television network Realitatea Plus.

In essence, the owners of Realitatea Plus, convicted criminal Maricel Păcuraru and the controversial, Russophile Cozmin Gușă, are part of the mafia group pressuring the creation of a fabricated case against the judge who practically “acquitted” businessman Alexander Adamescu, son of Dan Adamescu.

This fabricated case, in collaboration with Realitatea Plus, confirms international magistrates’ concerns regarding Alexander Adamescu’s extradition to Romania.

In concrete terms, Alexander Adamescu would not receive a fair trial in Romania and risks losing his life similarly to his father.

Romania Liberă’s upcoming exposés are worthy of a Netflix film. We base our revelations on concrete data: documents (contracts, emails, communications) obtained by RL journalists. We invite anyone feeling wronged by RL’s revelations to request corrections via the editor-in-chief Adelina Toader’s email.

Romania Liberă will launch an exclusive series of exposés on the true beneficiaries and members of the mafia group that planned since 2014 to kill and dispossess Dan Adamescu’s businesses in Romania.

  • Carmen Adamescu: Former wife of Dan Adamescu and daughter of Security General Costache Palade. Carmen Adamescu left Dan Adamescu in 2014, following the attack by Victor Ponta’s government on Astra Insurance, Romania Liberă, and ultimately Dan Adamescu’s life. Dan Adamescu died under suspicious circumstances in Romanian detention in 2017, amid public scandal for human dignity violations when authorities refused his sister’s final farewell. Dan Adamescu successfully divorced Carmen Adamescu, leaving her without financial support, only an executive position at Unirea Shopping Center. In a controversial move, Carmen Adamescu presented herself as the “grieving widow” at the Mina Minovici Institute morgue, against the family’s wishes, to take Dan Adamescu’s body, hindering the investigation into his death. The only autopsy, done by Mina Minovici Institute, was finalized after four years. Currently, Carmen Adamescu faces two criminal files, including one for theft, embezzlement, and tax evasion in the Unirea Shopping Center case, worth over 20 million euros.
Carmen Adamescu charged with embezzlement worth over 20 milion euros
  • General (Retired) Dan Drăgoi and Son Bogdan Alexandru Drăgoi: Since 2018, they have allegedly engaged in “blackmail” and “pressure” to buy votes in the Council of the former Intercontinental Hotel, now Grand Hotel Bucharest, offering Alexander Adamescu 3 million euros to surrender his voting rights. Bogdan Drăgoi, a former PNL minister and advisor to Traian Băsescu, attempted to convince state-owned Lido S.A. administrators to sell their shares in the former Intercontinental Hotel. Romania Liberă reported extensively on the suspicious actions leading to Lido S.A.’s bankruptcy. The final bankruptcy ruling is pending before judges Mona Marcela Prisăcariu Croitoru and Andreea Lavinia Ersilia Ecxarcu-Harfa (Case No. 15668/3/2021*/a21) and Mona Marcela Prisăcariu Croitoru and Mihaela Ioana Barna Prisăcaru (15668/3/2021*/a5). Currently, SIFI Cluj, owned by Lion Capital and chaired by Bogdan Drăgoi, has lent Carmen Adamescu 4.5 million euros.
Bogdan Drăgoi despre proces Lion Capital
Bogdan Alexandru Drăgoi, the sun of a Retired Securitate General, Dan Drăgoi owner of Comvex S.A.
  • DNA Prosecutor Adrian George Matei: Appointed by President Traian Băsescu on February 8, 2010. In 2021, he was delegated as section chief without the required 14 years of experience, including two years at the National Institute of Magistracy. George Matei, a godson of former CSM (Superior Council of Magistry) Vice-President and current DNA prosecutor Cristian Ban, is accused of condemning Dan Adamescu to death by denying him treatment and excessive detention, now continuing with Alexander Adamescu. In Case No. 205/p/2021, Matei dismissed charges against Maricel Păcuraru and Cozmin Gușă due to statute limitations. The criminal case on how Păcuraru and Gușă took control of Realitatea TV during Sorin Ovidiu Vîntu’s imprisonment was closed on March 22, 2023, due to prescription, despite Păcuraru’s recidivism on corruption charges.
Prosecutor (DNA) Adrian George Matei who dismissed corruption charges, bribery in
the amount of 3.5 million euros against the ”Darling” of Sebastian Ghiță, Ana Maria Pătru
  • Maricel Păcuraru and Anca Alexandrescu: The convicted Realitatea Plus owner and Alexandrescu “cloned the Romania Liberă website” and censored articles by Mihai Diac and Laurențiu Mușoiu (details in a future article).
  • Cozmin Gușă and Shadowy Church Generals: Beneficiary of a DNA corruption case dismissal in March 2023 by prosecutor Adrian George Matei. A controversial figure, Gușă announced his candidacy for the extremist AUR party and boasted about close ties with former SRI Chief Eduard Hellvig and operative generals Adrian Ciocârlan and Cristian Bizadea. Gușă promoted orchestrated media campaigns on Realitatea TV through AMICOM, owned by priest Mihai Radu.
Mihai Radu, the so called ”priest” from AMICOM Consulting, an agency that has received lectures from General Cristian Bizadea, one of the deputies of the Romanian Intelligence Services

In upcoming revelations, Romania Liberă will expose the scheme behind media “points” submissions, their costs, who sends them, illegal target interceptions using intelligence software, and involved service members.

Undermining the Judge: The Mafia Group’s Scheme

In June 2021, Alexander Adamescu, son of Dan Adamescu, was indicted by the same DNA prosecutor, Adrian George Matei, who had denied his father’s fundamental rights, leading to his death.

February 28, 2024: A Crucial Decision

On February 28, 2024, magistrate Cătălin Bunea of the Bucharest Tribunal practically “acquitted” Alexander Adamescu in an extremely complex case. This decision captivated the Romanian press, with extensive coverage of the Bucharest Tribunal judge’s ruling. Europa Liberă provided an explanation for the lengthy process and clarified that the 60-day term is more of a guideline:

“Professor Sergiu Bogdan explains to Europa Liberă why the preliminary chamber phase takes so long. The 60-day term is more of a recommendation,” he says. “It takes time because the preliminary chamber phase must proceed with the specific guarantees of any trial, including complete procedures: summoning witnesses, hearing testimonies, and discussing evidence. Hence, it is deemed unnecessary. The judge receiving the case noted something illegal and could either acquit or return the case. Now, this procedure happens in two stages,”

explains Professor Sergiu Bogdan.

Panic Among the Mafia Group

The news of the decision caused panic within the mafia group. Intelligence reports consulted by Romania Liberă, related to the Ponta government, confirm the established scheme, which Romania Liberă outlines below.

Carmen Adamescu, the Drăgoi family, and a select group of lawyers close to corrupt magistrates and media consultants decided that the magistrate’s decision at the Bucharest Tribunal was highly detrimental and must be compromised by any means necessary.

The Scheme to Compromise the Bucharest Tribunal Judge

According to RL journalists, the operation unfolded as follows:

  1. Rapid identification of informants.
  2. Promising immunity to the informant(s).
  3. Identifying a powerful and “trustworthy” television network to generate audience.
  4. Initiating media points within the group-influenced press.
  5. Disseminating criminal acts and procedures to inform the public and accomplices and to pressure other Romanian institutions, especially the General Prosecutor’s Office’s Section for the Investigation of Magistrates, to open a case against the Bucharest Tribunal judge.
  6. The case against the Bucharest Tribunal judge aims to alarm and set an example for other judges handling this case.

Romania Liberă Constructs the Timeline of the Mafia Group

March 1, 2024: Ionuț Mureșan, known in the quality press as the DNA’s trumpet, was fired from Luju.ro and Ziare.com, then published on Ziare.com:

“The Court that was Bribed by Alexander Adamescu”

    March 4, 2023: An article on mycyta.ro reported that DNA prosecutors had appealed, and it was interestingly mentioned:

    “This decision raises serious questions about judicial and criminal prosecution procedures in Romania, highlighting potential vulnerabilities in the justice system. Returning the case to the DNA for possible reconsideration does not necessarily mean the end of the accusations against Alexander Adamescu... It remains to be seen if new evidence will be identified to allow the resumption of the process against Alexander Adamescu…”


      April 12, 2024: We learn from an illegally transmitted order by a corrupt DNA magistrate that Hideg Robertino-Cătălin filed a complaint related to the decision in his corruption case. Dissatisfied with the fact that despite admitting his deeds and accepting the simplified trial procedure, Hideg did not receive the promised suspended sentence from his lawyers, the order was communicated to journalists via WhatsApp and other media applications consulted by RL. Prosecutor Iorga Moraru issued an anonymous DNA statement. We inform the public about the gravity of this communication. Lawyers consulted by RL confirmed that the criminal investigation phase is non-public, thus violating the following legal articles and the Charter of Fundamental Rights:

      Article 285, paragraph 2 – Criminal Procedure Code: “The procedure during the criminal investigation is non-public.”

      Article 304, paragraph 1 – Criminal Code: “The commission of the offense of disclosing service or non-public information.”

      Article 48 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union:

      “Everyone who has been charged shall be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to law.”

      “Respect for the rights of the defense of anyone who has been charged shall be guaranteed.”

      Article 277, paragraph 2 – Criminal Code: “The unlawful disclosure of means of proof or official documents from a criminal case, before a decision not to prosecute or a final solution in the case, by a public official who became aware of them in the performance of their duties, is punishable by imprisonment from one month to one year or a fine.” This offense against the interests of justice essentially incriminates an activity similar to that described in Article 304 of the Criminal Code. The investigation in Alexander’s case remains unfinished, being in REM according to the leaked document.

        Ordonanță_continuare_urmări… by Romania Libera

        April 15, 2024: Carmen Adamescu received 4.5 million euros from Bogdan Drăgoi through SIFI Cluj Retail SA. Information from Romania Liberă indicates that funds were also sent through Cypriot companies to the owners of Realitatea Plus-Gold FM, Maricel Păcuraru, and Cozmin Gușă. The financial implications are extensive; RL will provide more information on other payments to mafia group members once confirmed with documents.

          Împrumut Bogdan Drăgoi by Romania Libera

          April 17, 2024: Cozmin Gușă posted on Facebook one of his many unconfirmed predictions: “Coldea, tic-tac! Tomorrow is almost here!” This was not a prediction but an action coordinated by him and his accomplices.

            Cozmin Gușă, pro- Putin propaganda, he prides himself with connections within SRI and DNA. He took over Realitatea Tv in a plot with Maricel Păcuraru a convicted businessman (corruption&bribery)

            April 23, 2024: Nicoleta Ciuculescu from Realitatea Plus sent a letter to the Bucharest Tribunal, Criminal Section 1, explicitly requesting confirmation if “Cătălin Bunea handled the case involving Alexander Adamescu.” On the same day, without waiting for the Tribunal’s response, which came on April 29, 2024, Realitatea Plus reported: “The Criminal Network of Judges of Coldea: The Judge of the ‘Black General’ owns enormous wealth and enjoys a salary of hundreds of thousands of lei per year,” referring to Judge Bunea and Alexander Adamescu.


              Cătălin Hideg (convicted by Judge Bunea for fraud in an EPPO files and the accuser in this DNA file) refused to answer RL’s questions, which anticipated the scandal orchestrated by Realitatea Plus.

                Anca Alexandrescu and Cozmin Gușă attacked RL journalists live on Realitatea Plus on Thursday, May 2, 2024, during the “Behind the Parallel State” show, demanding the return of Alexander Adamescu to the country.

                  • It is crucial to note the intense desire to bring Alexander Adamescu to Romania. The mafia group faces significant challenges in the hostile takeover of Alexander Adamescu’s businesses, with RL sources confirming that these struggles have cost millions of euros and involve corruption that is increasingly difficult to conceal.

                  May 15, 2024: Ionuț Mureșanu, the DNA’s trumpet, fired from Ziare.com, published in Libertatea.ro:”The Judge Bribed by Alexander Adamescu with 5,000 euros, Rehabilitated After 6 Months in Prison.”Given that Alexander Adamescu’s legal situation is in the preliminary chamber phase, with the DNA case entirely dismissed, the article is a total fake news.

                    May 23, 2024: Realitatea Plus received real-time information from DNA about the hearings’ progress. Anca Alexandrescu announced live that no preventive measures would be taken. Cozmin Gușă personally thanks SRI and DNA for the criminal file that undermines a judge’s decision.

                      May 24, 2024: DNA sent an anonymized statement at noon. At 6 PM, the criminal prosecution order mentioning Alexander Adamescu’s name (which we published above – see scribd document) was propagated on journalists’ WhatsApp groups. Media outlets like g4media.ro and Evenimentul Zilei reported on Alexander Adamescu.

                        1. May 25, 2024: Cătălin Lăpușneanu wrote an article copied from the “DNA source.” The article was kept in promo for 3 days. The outlet, stiripesurse.ro belongs to Diana Tuse (psd member) and Iosif Buble. In the past, both have been convicted for publishing paid fake news by Carmen Adamescu on stiripesurse.ro and bugetul.ro against Alexander Adamescu.


                        Today’s material highlights the undermining of Romania’s efforts to lift the MCV, aiming for recognition as a country adhering to the rule of law and democracy. This article reveals, step by step, a tragedy unsolved by the Romanian authorities. The omission to hold accountable blackmailing media, fake news, and corrupt officials only tarnishes Romania’s image in the world. As journalists, we do not have the right to fabricate criminal cases, but we do have the right to act out of pure conviction, objectively and well-documented, to reveal any public interest truth in our possession, regardless of the source. Romania must protect its justice system and ensure that all citizens benefit from a fair and impartial trial. We continue to commit to unveiling the truth and defending the values of democracy and the rule of law.

                        Eliza Avram
                        Eliza Avram
                        Eliza Avram scrie sub pseudonim la Ziarul România Liberă din anul 2014. Eliza este un jurnalist român de investigații, cunoscută pentru dezvăluirea unor situații și acte de corupție din România. Printre cele mai notabile articole ale sale se numără cele despre legăturile dintre Speranța Munteanu (Partener KPMG România) și fostul premier Victor Ponta, despre fratele fostului șef al Serviciului de Informații Externe - Gabriel Predoiu. Eliza a dezvăluit rețeaua de corupție a fostei conduceri de la Unirea Shopping Center, dar și a clanului Stan (patronii Stanbox).
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